Tips For Choosing a Kitchen Pasta Maker

Since the electric pasta machines were introduced in the market, hundreds of homemakers have been flocking to stores and websites in search of the best kitchen pasta maker they can afford to buy. To make your shopping more pleasurable, here are a few tips in what to look for in a kitchen pasta maker.

If you can and you are not particular about your pasta shape being perfect, stay away from fancy cutters. The small pasta shapes are much more difficult to manage and can come out distorted if you do not have much experience.

If you decide to buy a manual kitchen pasta machine, consider one with a sturdy base, or one you can clamp to your kitchen table.

Textured pasta is best accomplished with a manual pasta machine unless you buy a commercial maker. Plus, manual pasta machines have a tendency to last longer since they are simpler and have no motor parts

Plastic is good, but stainless steel is better because it is more hygienic and heavy duty

Check the number of roller settings you can get with the pasta maker you choose. It should have at least 6 roller settings for variety in thickness

Maintenance should not be complicated, and neither should be usage. Definitely, while the more complicated pasta makers look impressive, if you can’t figure out how to maximize usage, stick to one that you know you can depend on and use

Always inquire about warranty, parts replacement, and availability of parts. Many small appliances dealers fail to stock up on spare parts, and after a couple of years or less of using the machine, you might have to junk it if you can’t find the parts

There are many kitchen pasta machines you can find in your local appliance or department stores, including supermarkets and groceries. However, before you make a decision, be sure to check out online deals. You will just need to make sure to buy from a reputable website and a brand who has a service center that you can run to when something goes wrong with the pasta maker.