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Pharmacy - in any case what the university needs to develop is advanced work, and this certainly may only be attained through the offering of courses of instruction in special fields which go far beyond what should be required of the undergraduate The same principle finds application in medical teaching. Iviii, SGI) says that he is convinced fibroid tumors developing within where the broad ligament and independently of the uterus are by no means rare; operated removing the tumor and body of the uterus in each instance.

While the antiseptic, or rather the aseptic, treatment may have a certain value in dm surgery and obstetrics, in medicine it must always remain an impossibility. Eastmen also refers to conservative surgeons removing benign growths from other parts of the body as well as the vermiform appendix after the subsidence of an inflammatory attack of that structure, and pleads for application of the same conservatism in the surgical treatment over of uterine fibroids. Other defects are often associated with it, such as hydrocephalus, spina bifida, hare-lip, imperforate or paretic anus, with rectal prolapse, "effects" and epispadias, cases are found.

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There is at present little inducement for any capable physician to take up pathology, codeine even as a temporary occupation; if surgeons faced a similar salaried status in private hospitals, there would be a similar shortage of these To reiterate, the diagnosis of cancer often requires skill not only on the part of the pathologist but also on that of the tissue technicians whose responsibility it is to prepare the slides from which the diagnoses are made.

They are beautifully drawn and well printed, save for an error in the purchase legend on plate vii, which the correction by hand makes more obvious.