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Aortic - we must erase from the public mind any thought that a mental hospital is a political plum; we should tell them how carefully our personnel is screened and get them to feel that it is an honor to be so employed.

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The Committee shall elect its own chairman shoot and recorder and all sessions of the Committee shall be executive sessions and not attended by others except by invitation of the This Committee shall have no jurisdiction in legal actions relating to professional malpractice or negligence.

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The following year Nebraska started to for boarding mentally ill patients who had private sources of income but it was not until two years later that order money was made available so as to extend the service to all.

These fonnula?, being depicted upon a flat surface, cannot represent exactly the true arrangement cough of the atoms in space, where the molecules occupy three dimensions instead of only two. There was only a slight abrasion of right shoulder and sverige no real injury to the bone. What is surprising, of course, is the fact that the medical profession should have made a 25 magnificent development of laryngology and rhinology and then have forgotten about it or lost sight of it and ceased to practice it, until finally the older knowledge went into desuetude.

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Whereas, The overall policy of the American Afedical Association states that it is unethical for any practicing physician to enter into a relationship with any hospital, corporation, or lay body by whatever name called or however organized which enables it to offer his services for a fee, and Whereas, In insurance or other prepayment programs, hospital service contracts should provide for hospital services only; medical services contracts should provide for medical and surgical services, Whereas, Hospital services shall not include the professional services rendered by physicians, and Whereas, llie illicit Connecticut Afedical Service has been created to assist people to obtain prepaid surgical and obstetrical care wfith the express purpose of creating as wide a coverage of professional Whereas, The public has misinterpreted Connecticut Afedical Service contracts, as written, to include charges for anesthesia, and Whereas, Anaesthesia logically constitutes an integral part of surgical care, and Whereas, By the exclusion of anesthesia service from the Connecticut Medical Service Plan physician anesthesiologists now engaged in private practice and those planning to terminate hospital-physician relationships in accordance with the statement of policy of the American Afedical Association, are subject to criticism by both lay and professional people who question their right to render bills to holders of Connecticut Blue Cross and Connecticut Whereas, The Connecticut Afedical Service is now contemplating revision of its contracts with extension of benefits for services rendered, now Therefore, be it Resolved, That the Afiddlesex County Afedical Association, in meeting assembled Board of Directors of the Connecticut Afedical Service to consider the inclusion of anesthesia benefits in Connecticut Afedical Service contracts in order that anesthesiologists in ethical practice may have their services made available to those persons for whom the benefits of prepaid medical care are Resolved, That a copy of this resolution be sent to the President and the Executive Secretary of the Connecticut Afedical Society, to the Professional Policy Committee of the Connecticut Afedical Service, to the President of the Connecticut Society of Anesthesiologists, and to the secretaries of the various county medical societies in Connecticut.