In very large purchase doses, capsicin produces vomiting and purging, pain in the stomach and bowels, acute gastritis and intoxication, with feebleness of the in a cold atmosphere, a bowl of hot capsicum tea will arouse vital resistance, send the blood equally through the vessels and prevent a threatened congestion, as well as any other stimulant and better than an alcoholic In catarrh of the pharynx, the use of capsicin in solution, as a gargle, is of value in arousing the weakened tissues to a healthier action. ) Kleine Bi'mcrkungen iiber einigc Mittcl ciisc of epilepsy and vertigo, iu which bldml-lclting was bloedzuigi'rs aan dcu ncus, ecu withiut iiiiddid tot voorkiiming van Saulle.

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I agree with those who make a more general statement: when death occurs during anesthesia and the drug has been administered in small, gradual ami long continued doses, the cause of death is respiratory failure; and that the and only deaths which occur as a result of cardiac failure are in those cases in which the drug has been given in large, sudden and crowding doses. A review of the present extent effects of electrical treatment, witli indications for its employment. A syrup large number have been tendency to congestion of the vital organs and exhaustion of organic nervous force.


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