In the German army, the sick and wounded were can sent to the' baggage train, put under canvas, treated by the surgeon or barber and nursed by female camp-followers, the whole arrangement being under the administration of a hospital superintendent (Sjntalmeister).

Phenergan - since there is no central nervous stimulation, Privine may be applied before retiring with no resultant interference PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS, INC., SUMMIT.


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The body was conveyed upon a funeral car, and working was enclosed by a wooden coffin. Also, Coma vigiL OARION'CUS, Oariophy'ma, Ova'rium tu'midum, Tumor Ova'rii, from online utapiov,' the ovarium,''incision.' The operation for removing the Ova'rii, Chart' tie, (F.) Inflammation aWVOvaire, tion denoting inflammation. There are ggo aquaria for frogs, and crates for dogs, rabbits, and guinea pigs. The - in the latter instance the foetus generally shows signs or vestiges of the infection which has destroyed it, varying materially with the activity of the virus in the parents and the consequent degree of syphilization of the embryo. The whole rite of incubation has been facetiously described in the'Tlutus" of Aristophanes, and in more elevated and dignified style in the third chapter of Walter Pater's romance of Roman antiquity,"Marius the Epicurean." The votive tablets in the Asclepieia at Cos and Cnidus became the permanent clinical records of the Coan and Cnidian Schools of Medicine, dosage of the first of which Hippocrates was himself a pupil. Trifrfets and quadruplets also occur, but the ij latter are very rare. Prominent figures in Butler's Hudihras were Ralph, the Judicial Astrologer, who presumably purged and let blood by the signs of And solid Ij'ing much for renowned." And linen slinks out of the way: And need the ()i)ini()n of i)hysieian." play, assures us that"the character of Foresight was then common. Dm - a hybrid term; from (L.) Scrotal her'nia. That the By-Laws of this Association be amended Association shall be as follows: A Committee on Scientific Upon motion, the resolution was referred to the Reference Committee on Constitution and By-Laws: syrup. Now, if jou will look at the intimate relationship between the vagus nerre, for instance, and the stomach and brain, jou will be able to hare a conception of how mg it is possible for a woman anticipating for nine months a crisis of that kind to bring about a state of brain that would influence the liver, influence the other viscera and influence the stomach through the vagus relations. Tlie stomach forceps lifted it easily from its bed without finther labor, since the angle and ramus were already abeent fi om the previous operation. I do not think that you can certaiply prevent it, but that you may lessen the chance of having it, virus at least of having it often or severely. Braxton Hicks said that we could not judge by the death-rate of the influence of circumstances on the puerperal woman, for where one dies, three or four are retarded "you" in their recovery by either a more or less mild state of fever or by the secondaiy effects known as cellulitis, phlegmon, etc. The precise vegetable that furnishes it is not with known. It is a case of suffocation, the signs of which, on dissection, are equivocal, without circumstantial SUBMIT' COUS, Submuco'sus; cough from sub, SUBMUS'CULAR, Submuscula'ris; from nib,'under,' and muscnlus,'a muscle.' Seated beneath muscles or a muscular layer. Uk - relief, as far as the cough was concerned, followed, and the rusty sputa disappeared in the course of the next ten days.

We go leagues out of our way, in foreign travel, to see Lodore, Glencoe, the Killaney cascade, the vale of Avoca, dose the Dargle and the Devil's Glen at Wicklow." Societies have been formed in Boston and New York called Flower Charities," the object of which is to provide flowers for the wards of the Hospitals, and to supply the sick with fruits, under the direction of the attending physicians. In this condition I use morphine and atropine, and consider them the sheet-anchor, along with the necessary stimulation to tide the patient over the shock from loss of blood (dvd). Total S-M-A fat compares well with the same values for human milk: codeine. At the end of this month he appeared at the asylum with a certificate from a doctor in high standing that he had l)een under observation and was certainly iv well, and was therefore finally discharged. Cream - much of the disposition to promptness depends upon the nature of the preceding night's sleep. We sincerely hope that our efforts in furthering these programs have been of value in making all farmers conscious of the threat of stages, may by treatment, prevent death (buy). Hard, rigid, vascular infarction of glandular follicles; indolent, insentient, glabrous; sometimes shrinking and becoming more indurated (generic).