In turn your Committee desires to record its appreciation of a like helpful service in our campaign of Public Health Instruction by the Officers and Committees of the Georgia Association of Workers for Motion carried to adopt the portion of the report of the Committee on Scientific Work which refers to our program, and make this program our order of business of the House of Delegates and our Scientific assembly, with the addition that the House of Delegates may have called meetings as its delegates may wish through the annual session, and that the remainder of the report be referred to the Reference Your Committee met with the Council and with the Committee on Scientific Work once, and we had adopted the following resolution and recommendations"Whereas, The number of automobile accidents on the highways is showing an alarming increase, and"Whereas, The increasing number of injured persons is taxing both the medical profession, and hospi tal facilities to render necessary treatment and care, and"Be It RESOfVED: That the Committee on Public Policy and Legislation recommend to the House of Delegates of the Medical Association of Georgia that it sponsor a bill and secure the services of some legislator to introduce same at the next session of the General Assembly of Georgia or support such a measure if introduced at the instigation of the Automobile Association or other organizations to pass some comprehensive measure to make it compulsory for every individual in Georgia to carry liability insurance who may secure a license from the state to operate a motor Motion carried to recommend that the House of Delegates appropriate the sum of Five Hundred Dollars or such part thereof as might be needed for use by the Committee on Public Policy and Legislation to defeat any bill or bills which may be introduced uk in the coming session of the General Assembly of Georgia that may be detrimental to the medical profession of the state or secure the passage of any bill sponsored Dr. The result of this is, that the true history of yellow fever at this port can never be correctly arrived at (the).


Where - often the test reveals fluid been negative. Inflammation may take place on this membrane, as on other mucous membranes, and from the same causes; but it is, however, generally excited by calculous and gouty complaints, and most commonly by the venereal poison: periactin.

Another mode of determination consists in incinerating the organic material, and seeking in the hydrochloride saline residuum the presence of alum. Me to present for him his report as Delegate to the meeting of the South Carolina Medical effects Association.

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Of some abdominal disease, which from his description seems to have online been appendicitis. RoUier of Leysin read a most instructive paper at the Glasgow meeting last year, and cyproheptadine quoted manv instances of cures, and lasting cures, by these agencies in"all regions of the body.

Here it terminates in a to secure the blades firmly "pills" when in position. Depression certainly does not help metabolism in general, causing loss of appetite and weight, in addition to the factors already mentioned (for). She was apparently in good health and had not noticed the jaundice until her gain attention was called to it. Considering it both desirable and becoming that all who have any especial interest or experience in this cheap class of diseases should lay their views before the Academy, I have offered these few remarks. Surgeon General Sir William Norman, can of the Royal Navy, also reminded them that the number of wounded in the navy had been small because the crew had gone down with the ship, but they must remember that battleship had not yet met battleship, and they did not know at what time, or where, they would need all the help they could lay hands on. The two most promising methods of treatment in seemed to be the mechanical removal of the poison from the alimentary tract and antidoting the poison before it passed through the portal circulation into the general blood stream.