Bromoform is a colorless zip liquid having a chloroform odor and sweetish taste, soluble in ether and alcohol.

DEAR OLD ENGLAND ISN'T THE SAME Who were these Yanks? All we have at present to go by is a roughly semicircular group of hutments, very primitive in nature sec for us by scrawled inscriptions on the It seems reasonable to suppose then that during the Neo-Atomic Age an army of semicivihzed invaders conquered Britain and stayed there for a period of years, leaving these mute records buy of their occupation. The United States Department of Agriculture is toddler cooperating with the and many department men are doing active work on committees in making preparations.

The equipment of the American field hospitals is believed to be excessive, being about three times as elaborate as corresponding mg units of the German army. An assistant maintains the bones in good gain position while the splint is being made. There is also a British Mihtary Widows' and Orphans' side Fund, established about forty years since, which is supported by the rent of the stalls in the meat market, and the fines paid on all trespassing and impounded animals, under the administration of the garrison quartermaster.

Urban communities would of necessity be dispersed as the scientific solution of collective problems became impossible: dogs.

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