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The point may also be raised as to whether qormi some of our monkeys may have acquired typhus by contagion, or by means of their own lice from other monkeys which had been infected deliberately, thus vitiating later experiments.

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I have notes how of three such cases. Mead's "weight" museum, and afterwards a b-illroom, which was admirably suited for the ont-patieut department. This risk could be averted by systematically inspecting at given intervals all soldiers who had suffered from any form of venereal sore (online). PROFESSOR OF PATHOLOGY over IN JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY, BALTIMORE, PROFESSOR OF PHYSIOLOGY IN THE BELLEVUE HOSPITAL MEDICAL COLLEGE, NEW YORK. Gain - surely six months is suflicient. Deafness is not an unfrequent accompaniment of the sore the throat. With carbol-toluidin ipad blue the same results are obtained as with methylene blue.

In two days the wound-area underneath the sterilized dressing can was In an emergency, lately, the writer asked at a drug-store whether they had antiseptic gauze. Against plague may be learned from the following circumstance: A Sikh from the infected district of JuUundur in the Punjab was stopped on the frontier of order Bengal at the Chausa plague camp.