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With cinchona, the captor is amazed; with the surgeon's knife, outwitted; with serums and salvarsan, bewildered; and with an exact knowledge of his power, a clear conception of his methods and an accurate estimate of his endurance, together with a perseverance of the doctor which knows There, through years of weary watching, the faithful guardian has stood alone, unaided and scant response; but, my friends, whether you hinder him or whether you aid him, whether you feast him or whether you starve him, whether you rally to his support in numbers sufficient to render effectual his efforts and to insure lasting results; whether the captain of organized and trained forces, standing in bold defiance of all attacks, or whether the lone picket at his post: syrup.


Shortly after this he experienced suffocative attacks which were very frequent and so violent as to endanger life, undoubted laryngeal crises: cyproheptadine.

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Whether Janet's subdivision of the neurosis of exhaustion into the more or less acquired neurasthenia proper the and the more or less inherited psychasthenia is an advantageous complication of the classification set forth or not, the author is doubtful.