Although this period may be very brief, it is not too brief for the subtle force of absorption to to act upon and utilize the elements as they exist. Marcano's-" fluid for counting the red corjjuscles is Malassez's classic solution with formaldehyd in the proportion: Marcano recommends this solutitm for the red corpuscles without mentioning the blood plates: weight. The little patient now only sufifera with a slight hacking cough, some difficulty of breathing, and an occasional paroxysm closely resembling spasmodic croup, during appetite the intervals of which it not unfrequently resumes its playthings. I did' not see the patient until about seven o'clock, five hours afber.the rupture for of the membranes. The cases which concern the oral specialist I have divided for sake of convenience buy into two classes. Truax replied that 4mg he had only carried on the investigation with these tests in regard to their action with serum-albumen. This permits each part of the colon in turn to be drawn towards the promontory, around which the intussusception travels cyproheptadine in quite a small circle until it passes vertically down the rectum and out of the anus, following a course like? or a shepherd's hook.


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