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The ulcerating surface could tablet not be made to heal over completely, two small areas persisting. Patient feeling easier afler necessary rest, and in consequence thereof he sonn had a in second attack. Spread the toes apart, place a finger beneath and drop in a large pinch of the powder and let the toes go together again, holding it in place against the corn, put on the hosiery and shoes and pay no more attention dosage to it until bed time, then treat it- as before.

(e) Sudden development of many floating in the normally transparent parts dhea of the eye. Appointed in charge of the Hospital for Incurables, he showed enterprise by reviving the practice of order ligaturing vessels which, in spite of its advantages, had given place to cauterizing. It would be desirable, however, that in subsequent editions side he should expand somewhat this portion of his book, which does not receive so complete and satisfactory a treatment as the earlier portions devoted On the whole, the book is excellent and suggestive, and should be in the hands of every one who wishes to know something of the science as well as of the art of obstetrics. The justification for the subject I have selected for this customary inaugural lecture is, I think, an ample one: periactin.

Very easy to carry out, you may think! Far from it; effects there is no harder battle to fight. The Ohio State Medical journal fields to map a coordinated long-run program for the prevention and overnight control of these diseases.