The shoe should possess these general features: first, it should be, for ordinary work, rather heavy, in order that it may not be bent by contact with hard, uneven roads; second, it should be wide in the web, and of equal thickness and width from the toe to the heel, that it may as much as possible protect' the sole, without altering the natural position of the foot; third, it should be well drawn in at the heels, that it may rest on the bars, buy and extend to the outer edge of the crust on the outside, and reach beyond the bar nearly to the frog, so that there may be no danger of its pressing on ths" corn-place," or angles between the bar and the crust; anc fourth, it should in no part extend beyond the outer edge of the crust, lest it Such a shoe, and its position on the foot, is shown in the The shoe should be made as nearly of this form as the chape of the foot will allow; but it is always to be borne in mind, that the shoe is intended for the foot, and not the foot for the shoe, and that it is therefore peculiarly proper natural form of the foot, instead, as is too often the case, of paring, burning, and rasping the foot until it fits the shoe, which is made according to the smith's notion of sound and safe for work and use.

It empties the bowels, takes up the carcass, and gives freedom to respiration; it promotes absorption, an(J expels the juices which syrup embarrass exertion.


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