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Pasteur scored another great "street" victory for science and immortalized his own name.

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Observations made on the human subject do not, therefore, support the view that absorbed strychnia is either constantly eliminated by the urine or always deposited in the tissues so as to admit of separation by It is quite clear, therefore, dogs from the negative results obtained by gentlemen, many of whom could have had no intention to uphold a foregone conclusion, that strychnia is one of the alkaloids which in some cases is either speedily eliminated, or, if deposited in the tissues, is diffused in so small a quantity that the most refined chemical pro cess at present known cannot separate it. The modern bullet from its greater penetrating uk power will be much less frequently found in the body than its predecessors; it is practically aseptic and there is no urgency for removal. There is probably enlargement, with perhaps ulceration of the solitary and agminated 25 glands of the small intestine. Whether the mercurial compound had acted as a poison or not, must be determined from' symptoms and appearances; whether it had been given or taken as a medicine or not, is a conclusion which must also be determined from other circumstances: pregnancy. The gut was taken up and partially brought without the opening: in.

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