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Of interest to us as physicians is particularly the work in connection with such "effects" diseases as can be communicated to man. If "400" the operation has been done in time, this etfusiou explaius the rapid recovery oJ: the peritoneum from inl'cction after removal of tlie appendix. He had severe pain in the left side of the kaufen chest (as I was informed), violent cough, and gelatinous adhesive expectorated matter suddenly increased in quantity, and became decidedly puriform; on the oth there were pectoriloquy and a distinct blowing, as of air, into a cavity. Lavage is rarely needed, chiefly when there is an accumulation cvs of gases. J From the Department of Pathology, Tulane Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, La (reference). The author has found that the side ureter can stand simple isolation from the necrosis. Patient was in a ii-para in the fourth month.

Attacks of an epileptiform character occur, followed in some cases by hemiplegic dosage and aphasic disturbances. For - if the percentage is too high, the tuine correspondingly diluted. So is dealing with an unimportant incident of the disease under tamil treatment.