Your Best Kitchen Knives And Some Kitchen Safety Tips

You love to cook and your family and friends enjoy the culinary creations that you make. You have a level of culinary skill and kitchen knife skills and you use the best kitchen knives possible as well and this makes the presentation of your creations that much more satisfying. These are all good skills to have especially if you love to cook as much as I do! Besides all of the skills you possess in the kitchen and the kitchen knife skills that you have, you would be totally shocked at the number of kitchens in America have inadequate safety and security measures in them. I know what you are thinking: “Safety and security?” Sounds like a big government top secret installation under a defcon condition. It is not, it is your kitchen. The kitchen is the most creative place in your home and in turn can be one of the most dangerous places in your home. Safety and security in your kitchen is something that really needs to be addressed in order for you to have a safer home. Here are five very simple kitchen safety tips to make your kitchen more secure.

Always have multiple fire extinguishers in the home and that means one in the kitchen as the greater percentage of house fires begin in the kitchen in the form of grease fires. Keep your stove/oven clean and this will help prevent grease fires from happening.

Be aware of the handles on your pans. Turn them toward the center of the stove top when you are cooking. Be aware of where utensils are, you don’t want to reach across stove burners to get a utensil and get burned doing it. Don’t wear shirts with long sleeves when cooking because they could possibly catch fire.

The kitchen is not a place for children to play. Handles from pots and pans could be in the wrong position if they are not turned toward the center of the stove top. The burner knobs could be reachable by a child. Knives may be accessible and cause injury. Things can fall off counter tops and cause injury.

Kitchen knife skills are great, but you need to keep your best kitchen knives out of reach of children and always treat your blades with respect. Store your blades in a safe place where children can’t get at them. Don’t leave your blades in the sink to be accessed by children.

Always use a kitchen cutting board, like a John Boos cutting board. Never prepare food on surfaces that are not designed to prepared food on as you can run the risk of food cross contamination and food poisoning.

So now along with your kitchen knife skills and culinary skills you now have a set of safety and security skills that will make your home a safer place to be. One of the best things is that most of these safety tips won’t require you to spend a lot of money to get them accomplished as you already have everything you need.