7 Kitchen Organizing Tips So That You Can Actually Find the Things You Need When You Need Them

You need to properly organize your kitchen at least 2-3 times a year. Many times we all have stored so many things in our pantries, drawers, desks, cabinets and just generally in the kitchen that we can’t find when we need them. Plus when we find them, they’re either out of date and need throwing away, or they’re spilled all over the place or we simply find them later than we actually want and by then we have bought a second set of whatever we needed. And the vicious circle goes on.

There are a few things you need to know in order to make the best of your kitchen organization, such as:

  • Take out everything from your pantry and check for any expiration dates. If they are old, throw them away. Clean your pantry shelves and put back everything in a way that makes sense to you. For example, things that expire soonest put them up front to see them and use them. Things that belong to the same type (e.g. spices, cans, soups of all sorts) put all in one place.
  • When you finished your pantry, do the same thing to your cupboards, shelves, drawers and everything that has things stored inside them.
  • Put the various appliances such as the cooking utensils, the pots and the pans next to the stove for easy reach. Put the smaller pots in the larger ones to save yourself some space.
  • Check that your plastic containers have tight fitting lids. Temporarily you can use aluminum foil but this should be just for a few containers, not the norm.
  • For families with small children avoid keeping dangerous items and chemicals under the sink as they are easily reachable by kids. If they can get to them, they will.
  • Use your countertop for preparing your food and not for storing various things on them. Put any kitchen appliances that you no longer need away in cabinets or on shelves.
  • If you have lots of spices, keep them alphabetically so you can find them easily. Many people use color coding based on the colors of the caps, but there are only so many colors to remember before you confuse the red paprika with the chicken spice mix.

One of the best ways to organize your kitchen the proper way is by using kitchen cabinet organizers [http://www.kitchencabinetorganizers.org/] and kitchen drawer organizers [http://www.kitchencabinetorganizers.org/kitchen-drawer-organizers/]. Particularly those that are extendable or with 2-3 tiers should not be missing from any self-respecting kitchen.

Being Organized is Half the Battle Won


Kitchen cleaning tips will help you in the task of getting that very busy room clean and keeping it clean. Speed cleaning is the essence in any home cleaning. It is the one room in the house that not only the family has access to but so do friends and visitors. The constant flow of traffic through the kitchen sometimes sees the home owner leave more items out and available than would normally be the case. It is a room that needs to be organized at all times so that people can find what they are looking for and do not make a mess trying to find things.

Kitchen cleaning tips

  1. The first job is to go through the kitchen and get rid of any outdated products. Anything that is just about at the due date needs to be used so it is not wasted.
  2. Organizing your pantry. Use containers for your products, whether they be glass jars or plastic containers and then make sure that each of them has a label. Is it time to purchase a set of containers so that the panty can be well organized? I used to think this was extravagant, but once I had done it I wished I had done it years before. Organizing the pantry is not just a matter of making it look nicer and be cleaner, but also making it much easier to find items. It is not a good idea to have open packets in the pantry as this encourages weevil moths and other pests.
  3. Before putting your pantry items back, clean it out with a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar which is a natural disinfectant.
  4. Consider putting a dry erase board inside the pantry door to list the items that are running low.
  5. Attend to the fridge in the same manner, creating some sort of order on the shelves so that items can be found really easily. Before putting everything back in the fridge wipe the fridge out with a mix of lemon juice and water to freshen it up and remove odors.
  6. Wipe out the microwave with vinegar and water.
  7. Cleaning down the bench tops – with so many different bench top products on the market do find out which cleaners are going to do the job efficiently for your bench top. Although you will probably be recommended a commercial cleaner often an eco friendly mix like vinegar and water will do the job. For tougher stains sprinkle some baking soda over the area then rub down with the vinegar and water mix.
  8. Baking soda is also very good for cutting through grime and bleaching grout so if you have either of these jobs to do in the kitchen then use this eco friendly product.

When cleaning bench tops or other softer items like carpet and lino, do ‘a test clean’ first in a corner that will not be noticeable if there is a little color fading. This is always a good motto when using products throughout the house. As mentioned earlier, if the kitchen is organized then following kitchen cleaning tips of any sort will make the task that much easier and you will be able to speed up your cleaning of the house.

Kitchen Remodelling Tips From a Contemporary Kitchen Owner


Are you a little clueless as to how you could come up with the best contemporary kitchen design at your home? Well, you might want to read this article to get some tips. I’ve always been fascinated with contemporary kitchens and so, after getting myself one, I’d like to share my experiences about it.

First thing that I did was make a research about contemporary kitchens and I’ve learned that it’s more similar to Italian kitchens. They have eye-catching designs as well as remarkable functionalities. It works with geometrical and curved shapes just like with the table and working tops. It has this effect which allows it to enlarge the working area. Such kitchens could save up space in the area and at the same time provide the homeowner the kind of satisfaction as compared to other designs.

Second thing that I did was try to talk to people who also got themselves a contemporary kitchen. I always believe that first-hand details and first-hand experiences are good sources of information. I also visit their kitchens to actually see the beauty itself. I ask them questions, like the advantages and disadvantages of having such design, the cost, the perks and other concerns. Do not hesitate to ask questions since it could also help you be aware in the future and with that, you would know how to deal should problems arise.

Third, I looked for the best kitchen specialist in town. I browsed the internet as well as the directory. Of course, I also asked for referrals from the same people I have spoken with regarding┬ácontemporary kitchens. They were able to give me a handful of very good kitchen specialists. I was told to look for a company who could be trusted and would definitely follow the design you have visualized in your mind. What’s the point of asking help from specialists if they aren’t able to do the custom kitchen designs you have set in mind, right? Also, I was advised to be very cautious in selecting a company who’ll work for me since there are a lot of fake kitchen specialists lurking especially if it’s a company I found online. It will always better to be safe than sorry since kitchen remodeling would cost a lot.

Fourth, after getting the necessary information and after picking the right specialist, it’s time for the real work. Even during the first day of the remodeling of my kitchen, I was all eyes on the details that the kitchen specialists were doing. I gave them clear instructions as to how I want things to be done. We worked like a team and everything came in smoothly. Eventually, they were able to achieve the kind of design that I’ve visualized.

Tips for Your Next Kitchen Improvement Project


We shall explore your next home kitchen improvement proposition. As the experts in Ottawa home improvement we have assisted thousands of home owners create the kitchen of their dreams. When planning your next kitchen renovations it is a good idea to picture your dream kitchen in your head first. By looking through examples from websites, showrooms, home depot, etc. you get a better idea of what you want your kitchen to look like.

Kitchen Cabinetry:
Do you want oak? Vaneer? Pressed wood? Pine? The type of cabinets you choose create the look/feel of your new kitchen. If money is tight in your situation then it would be recommended that you go with a special non-oak cabinet that gives the appearance of oak. This vaneer material gives your kitchen renovation the look and feel of oak without the price of oak, which is perfect for budget conscience customers. The type of wood you choose dictates the wood grain and textures that your kitchen’s character will display. If you are looking for a modern look then perhaps a pine kitchen will suffice if you are looking for a rich looking kitchen then maybe oak is your choice, or maybe you want a contemporary look therefore birch wood would be perfect for you.

The type of countertop you choose will set the overall tone of your new kitchen remodeling project, so it is critical to make the right choice. Whether you go with granite, laminate, or any other stone/solid there is always a cost associated with each material choice. The most costly would be the stone countertops and least costly would definitely be the laminate kitchen counters. Granite and Quartz are the highest you can go for a granite countertop solution. Going with a vinyl/laminate still provides a nice look without hurting the wallet, it would be the cheapest material for countertops.

Kitchen flooring and Accessories
The last, but not least, items to check off your list would be the kitchen floor, the kitchen backsplash, and the kitchen faucets. Choosing wisely will make your kitchen upgrade look like it was made for a prince. Let’s start with the floor, a very common installation for kitchen flooring would be ceramic or porcelain tiles. Installing ceramic stones ensures durability, water protection, and a beautiful kitchen that you will be happy with. It is recommended not to use hardwood flooring due to water damage because of high water exposure. After you have tackled the kitchen tiles you have to decide on what faucets to go with, which is usually very easy because a simple trip to your local hardware store will give you more than enough kitchen ideas to work with. Last but not least the backsplash you choose will dictate the accent of your kitchen; you can either go with a simple tile design or a beautiful mosaic finish.
The most popular type of backsplash would definitely the standard ceramic tile with the occasional accent here and there, if you wish to go higher end then mosaic tiles or glass tiles would suit your fancy.

Armed with knowledge about kitchen cabinets, kitchen counter-tops, and kitchen tiles as well as accessories you are well on your way a kitchen design that you can be happy with. If you are thinking of a classic kitchen design or a new kitchen system then the kitchen design ideas expressed in this article should give you some tips/tricks to help you better understand your upcoming kitchen renovations. When planning your next kitchen renovations please consult a trained professional to assist you in avoiding a kitchen nightmare.